TXHD Chili Cook Off | Texas Harley

To register, email terry@texasharley.com


2022 RULES

* Chili Cooking Teams must furnish their own supplies

    (I.e…Cooker, Fire Extinguisher, fire, table, chairs, water, condiments), and cleanup their area before leaving, after judging.

*  All Chili must be cooked on site with SCRATCH ingredients the day of the cook-off.

        (you CAN pre-chop but NOT pre-cook)

NO FILLERS (beans, pasta, rice…etc)

NO commercial mixes are permitted  (I.e.  "Just Add Meat mixes")

ONE pot of chili per team – MAXIMUM 4 members per team

INGREDIENTS:  Meat (suggest 5 lb), chili powder, other individual spices, chopped onion, tomato, sauces, peppers, and similar ingredients are acceptable.

Teams may arrive as early as 6:30am for set up or anytime after. *Cooking Starts: no earlier than - 8:00 am*

Judging Starts 12:00 - 1:00 pm (First Responders and public scored separately)

Winners & Awards  1:30 pm

TOP  2  HOG chapter vote getters go to the Southwest Regional H.O.G. Chili Bowl.

1st place goes head to head with other chapter's 1st place cookers for braggin rights and the touring trophy.  2nd place competes with all cooks for the peoples choice award.

For more information,

Contact hog.activities@dfwhog.com